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Do you think my magic is a thing to be wasted on trifles?
—The Evil Queen to Adair about Adalyn src

Adalyn is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the graphic fiction novel, Shadow of the Queen.


Before First Curse

Adalyn is a member of a shape-shifting wolf pack formerly led by Anita Lucas, who dies during a dispute with her daughter, Red Riding Hood, over the fugitive Snow White. After her passing, Adair keeps the pack together. The wolves come into an agreement with the Evil Queen to help find Snow White, and in return they will gain freedom from human violence as well as control of the silver mines. On the journey to the mines, Red Riding Hood causes a disturbance with the Queen, and as the wolves speak to each other telepathically, they make the decision to kill her as payback for Anita's death. Red Riding Hood escapes and joins forces with the Huntsman to protect Snow White while the wolf pack seize the royal mines and terrorize villagers during their search for the elusive fugitive. They track the trio to Lake Onondaga, where Snow White, Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman seemingly die after falling in. The next morning, Adalyn collapses since previously being injured by a silver arrow. Desperate to save her life, Adair requests the Queen's healing powers, but she callously refuses. Instead, she continues to demand loyalty and compliance from the wolves, despite that they are tired and restless. Later, the Queen kills Adair, which causes the outraged pack to turn against her. Adalyn's fate, whether she survives the silver arrow poisoning or not, is left unknown. ("Shadow of the Queen")

Magical Ability


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