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Adair: The quest has begun. We will see it to completion. To do anything less would be weakness.
Red Riding Hood: No, Adair. It would be wisdom. The pack is loyal. They will follow where you lead, even into ruin. Lead them to honor instead.
—Adair and Red Riding Hood src

Adair is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the graphic fiction novel, Shadow of the Queen.


Before First Curse

Born with the power to shape-shift into a wolf, Adair is part of a pack made up of many others with the same ability. The wolves raised a human, who is later known as the Huntsman. Under mysterious circumstances, the Huntsman leaves them, which Adair holds a grudge against him for.[1] Though the pack is led by Anita Lucas, she dies during a dispute with her daughter, Red Riding Hood, over the fugitive Snow White. Since then, the wolves blame her for Anita's passing. Left leaderless, Adair assumes Anita's responsibilities to keep the pack united. One day, the wolves viciously attack the Huntsman in the woods, but they are subdued when turned into their human forms by the Evil Queen. While Adair reproaches the Huntsman for abandoning them, the Queen aims silver arrows over each pack member and coyly promises to do them no harm if they find Snow White. At the wolf den, Adair agrees to the Queen's request if the wolves obtain freedom from human violence and gain the silver mines. Soon, the pack and the Queen journey to the mines. Abruptly, Red Riding Hood appears, and Adair attempts to kill her out of vengeance, but he is halted by the Huntsman's arrow. After the Huntsman flees, Red Riding Hood escapes as well. Impatiently, the Queen questions the pack on why they are not pursuing the Huntsman, so Adair reminds her of their main goal. Throughout the night, the wolves seize the mines while terrorizing villagers in their search for Snow White. Finding her at Lake Onondaga, Adair lunges at Snow White, but she slashes him. This sends him sailing across the ice, which cracks and plunges Snow White and Red Riding Hood into the lake. To save them, the Huntsman jumps in. Curiously, the Queen notices the Huntsman is holding something, but Adair doesn't know what it is. He believes the trio are dead, but the Queen senses they are still alive. The next morning, one of the shape-shifters, Adalyn, collapses due to poisoning from a silver arrow. The Queen refuses to help, and she demands continued loyalty from the pack without allowing them rest. Adair questions her judgement, but he is harshly rebuked. The Huntsman, Red Riding Hood and Snow White sneak up on Adair; attempting to convince him that assisting the Queen will force the pack on the wrong path. Instead, he alerts the wolves. Menacing the Queen, the Huntsman threatens Adair's life, but she incinerates the man herself. Following Adair's death, the pack turn against the Queen; believing she denied him an honorable death. ("Shadow of the Queen")

Magical Ability



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