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Abraham Benrubi is the American actor who portrays Arlo on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Abraham Rubin Hercules Benrubi was born October 4, 1969 in Indianapolis, Indiana[1] as the oldest son of Patricia and Asher Benrubi, who was a rock singer and is currently a radio personality known as "Smash" to St. Louis radio audiences.[2] His paternal grandparents are Greek Jewish. While his grandfather, Ruben Benrubi, hails from a Greek Jewish family, his paternal grandmother, Elenista Maka, was born to a Greek Orthodox Christian family in Naoussa. She sheltered Jews for five years in Greece during World War II and later converted to Judaism upon marriage.[2][3]

He graduated from Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis with alumni such as Late Night show host David Letterman and former New England Patriots star Rosevelt Colvin.

His first major role was on the show Wings, as Roy "R.J." Biggins, Jr., Roy's gay son. He would appear as R.J. twice; once during the show's second season, and again during the sixth season, shortly after he began working on NBC's ER.

Abraham starred as one of the main characters in ABC's show Men in Trees, playing bartender and millionaire Ben Tomasson. This was a role where he got noticeably more main dialog and depth than with his previous longtime characters on ER and Parker Lewis Can't Lose, which primarily consisted of supporting dialog. His character Ben Tomasson was described as "the cuddliest TV character since Jorge Garcia's Hurley on Lost" by television critic David Bianculli.[4] Other previous work includes playing Mose in the 2003 western Open Range, a role the actor won because he had been cut out of director Kevin Costner's previous film The Postman. He frequently voices characters on Adult Swim's stop-motion animation show Robot Chicken, and has also contributed to a second show from Robot Chicken's creators in Titan Maximum.


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