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{{Box|This article focuses on '''Abigail''''s [[Enchanted Forest]] persona. For her [[Storybrooke]] counterpart, see<br />'''[[Kathryn Nolan]]'''.}}
|infobox = EF
|name = Abigail
|image = 113IsEverythingOkay.png
|counterpart = [[Kathryn Nolan]]
|status = Cursed
|species = Human
|gender = Female
|haircolor = Blonde
|eyecolor = Blue-Green
|relatives = seefamily
|portrayedby = [[Anastasia Griffith]]
|firstappearance = [[Snow Falls]]
|latestappearance = [[Snow Drifts]]
|latestmention = [[There's No Place Like Home]]
}}{{Quote|Some people will stop at nothing to destroy the happiness of others.|Abigail to [[Prince Charming]]|What Happened to Frederick}}Princess '''Abigail''', briefly known as '''Regal Blond''', is a character on [[ABC]]'s ''[[Once Upon a Time]]''. She débuts in the [[Snow Falls|third episode]] of the [[Season One|first season]]. She is portrayed by guest star [[Anastasia Griffith]], and is the [[Enchanted Forest]] counterpart of '''[[Kathryn Nolan]]'''.
Abigail is based on Midas' daughter from the Greek myth, ''[[Greek Mythology#King Midas|Midas]]''.
{{Before First Curse|
Abigail falls in love with a knight named [[Frederick]] and they become engaged. However, the lovers become forever separated when Frederick is accidentally turned to gold by her father [[King Midas]]' golden touch while protecting him from an attempted robbery. She tries everything, including [[True Love|true love's kiss]], to break the curse on Frederick, with no success. {{Ep|What Happened to Frederick}}
With little hope of bringing Frederick back, she reverts to an eligible status for marriage. King Midas strikes a deal with the neighboring kingdom of [[King George]] to reward him with gold if he can get rid of a terrorizing [[Dragons|dragon]]. King George's faux son [[Prince Charming]], masquerading as [[Prince James|James]], slays the beast. Greatly impressed, King Midas gives Abigail to Prince Charming as a bride. Abigail has little quarrel with the arrangement and goes along with it. Through the woods, the future couple ride in a coach together towards their engagement party at King Midas' [[Golden Castle|castle]]. {{Ep|The Shepherd}}
|-|Original Timeline=
During the journey, Abigail is displeased by the bumpy carriage ride and openly complains about it to Prince Charming. They come to a halt when a fallen tree is blocking the road, so he goes out to assess the situation. Suddenly, Abigail hears a thumping noise from atop the carriage as if something just dropped down. A [[Snow White|thief]] reaches into the carriage to steal Prince Charming's jewels and rides off. Abigail screams in fright, alerting her fiancé to the robber, and he chases after the bandit on horseback. {{Ep|Snow Falls}}
|-|Alternate Timeline=
During the journey, their carriage comes to a halt when a fallen tree is blocking the road, so Prince Charming goes out to assess the situation. While waiting in the carriage, Abigail is startled when he suddenly reappears soundlessly. Exasperated, she comments that he nearly gave her a heart attack. He informs her that the tree was purposely cut and that [[Snow White|someone]] was likely planning to ambush them. Continuing on the ride to King Midas' castle, the carriage stops a short distance away as they arrive. Prince Charming is surprised by the exterior's gold encrusted walls, though Abigail says he'll stop noticing after a while. During the engagement party, her future husband asks if she'd like to dance. Abigail remarks that her shoes are too uncomfortable, so Prince Charming offers to fetch her another pair. She sarcastically calls him her hero and walks away with a look of disdain. Later, Abigail goes up to his room looking for him only to see the wanted thief Snow White escaping out the window. Shocked, she alerts the guards as the [[Evil Queen]]'s [[Black Knights|soldiers]] begin searching for the bandit. {{Ep|Snow Drifts}}
After the engagement party goes off without a hitch, she arrives in King George's kingdom for the actual wedding ceremony. Though King George hides the truth from her, she secretly knows that Prince Charming has run away. She has her father's soldiers capture Prince Charming while he is on the run, and gives him supplies for his journey. He is suspicious over why she is helping him, so Abigail admits that she, like him, is in love with someone else. Abigail takes him to see the golden statue of Frederick. She is desperate for a cure, and brings up rumors of the magic waters of [[Lake Nostos]], which can restore something that was once lost. Prince Charming offers to fetch it for her, though she strongly opposes his sacrifice. She fears his valiant bravery will end in failure, and then both of them will be miserable. Instead, Prince Charming states that if he succeeds, her misery will be gone, and, if not, the misery will be his own in death. Abigail accompanies to the entrance of the lake, but he goes in alone. She anxiously waits for his return at the golden statue of Frederick. Finally, he returns with the magic water, which she pours over Frederick's head. The gold melts off and her beloved returns to human. As thanks for Prince Charming's selfless act, they provide him with provisions for his journey to find Snow White. However, Abigail warns him of King George's wrath before they part ways. {{Ep|What Happened to Frederick}}
On the day the [[Dark Curse]] is cast by the Evil Queen, Abigail, along with the other inhabitants of the [[Enchanted Forest]], are taken away to another [[Land Without Magic|land]]. {{Ep|Pilot}} }}
{{During First Curse|see|Kathryn Nolan}}
{{Before Second Curse|
After [[Regina Mills|Regina]] takes magical preventive measures to undo [[Peter Pan|Pan]]'s casting of the [[Dark Curse]], all the inhabitants of [[Storybrooke]] pay the price by returning to the [[Enchanted Forest]] and reverting to their prior personas. In a group, they manifest in the land of [[Aurora|Princess Aurora]] and [[Prince Phillip]]. A plan quickly assembles for everyone to make their way to the Queen's old [[Dark Palace|palace]]. {{Ep|New York City Serenade}}
Threatened by the presence of the [[Zelena|Wicked Witch of the West]], Prince Charming and Snow White learn from a witch named [[Glinda]] that only the most powerful of light magic can defeat her. Realizing their daughter, [[Emma Swan|Emma]], fits the bill, Snow White casts another curse in order to whisk herself as well as everyone else back to Storybrooke. Before the curse spreads, however, the Wicked Witch interferes by adding a [[Memory Potions|potion]] into the mixture to erase everyone's memories of the last year in the Enchanted Forest. {{Ep|A Curious Thing}} }}
{{S|For events occurring after the casting of the second [[Dark Curse|curse]], see [[Kathryn Nolan#History|Kathryn Nolan]].}}
<center>{{FamilyTree/Start|summary=Abigail is the daughter of King Midas. Her mother has never been named.}}
{{FamilyTree| | DAD |~|y|~| MOM |DAD=[[King Midas]]|MOM=Unknown}}
{{FamilyTree|BET|~|SUB|~|BET2|SUB='''Abigail'''|BET=[[Frederick]]|BET2=[[Prince Charming]]}} {{FamilyTree/End}}</center>
*Solid lines denote blood relationships
*Dashed lines denote marriage and betrothals
*Abigail is betrothed to Frederick
*Abigail and Prince Charming were engaged, but never married}}
<tabber>|-|Character Notes=
*The name "Abigail" is of [[Wikipedia:Hebrew|Hebrew]] origin derived from the name "Avigayil" that means "my father is joy".<ref></ref>
**She shares her name with [[Wikipedia:Abigail|Abigail]], the third wife of [[Wikipedia:David|King David]] of the [[Wikipedia:Bible|Bible]]. Abigail's fiance [[Prince Charming]], whose real name is David, is a former shepherd, like King David. {{Ep|The Shepherd|Tiny}}
|-|Production Notes=
===Production Notes===
*Her casting call name was "Annette".<ref></ref>
|-|Set Notes=
===Costume Notes===
*For the episode "[[What Happened to Frederick]]", Abigail's hat<ref>[[:File:113KnowTheTruth.png]]</ref> was made by [[Wikipedia:Canada|Canadian]]-based fine headwear maker Kelly Dunlap, also known as [ The Saucy Milliner]. On the hat, there is a center tail feather from a pheasant, which was secured with a brass finding on the side. Because of the feather not being actually sewn on the hat, it moves frequently as Abigail is walking or riding her horse. A duplicate hat was also made for Abigail's stunt double.<ref></ref>
<small>Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.</small>
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[[nl:Prinses Abigail]]
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Donald Trump is so ugly that when he walks down the street in September, people say "Wow, is it Halloween already?

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