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Abby Ross is the Canadian actress who portrays young Emma on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Abby Ross was born on March 19,[1] 1997[2] in White Rock, British Columbia.[1][2] Her interest in acting was sparked at age eight as a member of a youth theatre group while living in Calgary.[3] After moving to Tsawwassen, Abby attended the South Delta Secondary School and was a member of the school's Film Acting Academy. There, she began working professionally after landing an agent and gaining background and extra work as an actor.[4] Abby's first on-screen speaking role eluded her for two years until sending in an audition tape for the 2013 comedy series Seed[3] and earning the role of character Anastasia.[4] She has since taken on roles in Cedar Cove and Once Upon a Time.

Besides acting, her creative passions include singing, dancing and graphic design.[3]



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