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Aladdin: Are we done searching yet?
Jasmine: You can ask the same question a hundred times and you will get the same answer. We search until we find Agrabah.

"A Wondrous Place" is the fifteenth episode of Season Six of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Jane Espenson & Jerome Schwartz, and directed by Steve Pearlman. It is the one hundred and twenty-sixth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 2, 2017.


When Hook finds himself trapped in another realm along with the Nautilus and her crew, he races to return to Emma before Gideon can execute the rest of his plan. In Storybrooke, Regina and Snow take Emma out to get her mind off Hook’s disappearance. And in a flashback to Agrabah, Jasmine befriends Ariel, and together they set out to locate Prince Eric as the threat from Jafar intensifies.[2]




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Production Notes

  • The establishing shot of Storybrooke early in the episode,[4] where the leaves are blown across Main Street, is the exact same shot that was used to show the empty streets of Storybrooke the morning after Hook's death in the Season Five episode "Swan Song".[5] The shot was recycled once again for the opening shot of the Season Seven episode "Beauty".[6]
  • For the exterior scenes in Agrabah, a couple of dump trucks worth of sand were dumped into a green screen space right before the Season Six Christmas break, enough to cover the whole surface by about 1–2 feet. Unfortunately, thanks to Vancouver's rainy climate, the sand was wet, and they couldn't shoot a desert scene on wet sand. To solve the problem, the crew brought in industrial fans that ran 24 hours a day over the Christmas break so that the sand would be dry by the time they got back from the holidays to shoot the scenes in January.[7]
  • Director Steve Pearlman came up with the name for the bar that Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina visit, Æsop's Tables.[8]
  • Llamas were used in this episode instead of camels, because it would have cost 20,000 dollars to import them.[9] The production team originally wanted to have camels appear on-screen in Agrabah, but there are no camels to be found in Vancouver, where Once Upon a Time is filmed, and they would have had to ship them from Los Angeles.[7]
  • During filming of this episode, greensperson Sarah McCulloch nicknamed Deniz Akdeniz, Ali Baba.[10]

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Set Dressing

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Filming Locations

  • The scene with Aladdin and Jasmine rowing on the lake was actually filmed on dry land inside a studio.[36] The water and the surrounding forest was added digitally in post-production.
  • Belcarra Regional Park in Vancouver doubles as Hangman's Island for this episode, both for the forest scenes and the scene on the sandy beach.[37] For the scenes outside Ariel's cottage, a cabin set was built in the forest at the park.[38]
  • The scenes at the caravan site outside the Capital of Agrabah was filmed on a green screen stage filled with sand.[39]

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