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To do it, you have to give up the thing you love most. From what I gather, Zelena doesn't love much.
Regina to Emma, Mary Margaret and David

"A Curious Thing" is the nineteenth episode of Season Three of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Ralph Hemecker. It is the sixty-third episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 27, 2014.


Zelena threatens to kill Henry if Hook - whose lips have been cursed by the Wicked Witch—doesn't proceed with kissing Emma, which will drain all of her magical powers away, and things begin to heat up between Regina and Robin Hood. Meanwhile, back in the Fairy Tale Land that was during the past year, Snow and Charming go in search of Glinda, The Good Witch of the South, to see if she can help them defeat Zelena, and the curse that will ultimately send the Fairy Tale characters back to Storybrooke is cast—but from an unlikely source.[2]


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In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Belle rides to join a meeting at the Evil Queen's palace. The Evil Queen, Snow White, Prince Charming, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip discuss announcing Snow White's pregnancy to the kingdom. Regina argues against the idea, reminding the group that a "wicked witch" is on the loose, and that "pretending otherwise would be dangerous". Prince Charming argues that rallying their people is a good idea.

Belle arrives, and informs the group that she and Neal Cassidy successfully revived the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, but at the cost of Neal's life. She explains that when Rumplestiltskin saw that his son was dying, he "absorbed" him, and Zelena gained control of the Dark One Dagger, and thus has control of Rumplestiltskin. Concerned, Aurora suggests that it might be too dangerous to announce Snow White's pregnancy. Snow White argues against her, saying that they need to give their kingdom hope and not give in to fear. Prince Charming points out that they don't know what Zelena wants, and Aurora informs him that they do - she wants Snow White and Prince Charming's baby. Phillip explains that Zelena approached them before the group arrived back in the Enchanted Forest, and threatened their unborn child unless they told her when the group arrived. Aurora apologizes for the deception as Zelena arrives on broomstick.

Zelena turns Aurora and Phillip into flying monkeys, and the couple fly away. Snow White asks what Zelena wants with her baby, and one by one the group approach her, and Zelena magically freezes them, except Belle. Zelena approaches Snow White, touching her, and tells her that she will be back to take what's hers. She releases the group and flies away.

Eight months later, Snow White, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen, Robin Hood, Belle and Granny are meeting when Grumpy arrives. He informs the group that he has met with the Blue Fairy, Tinker Bell, "all the fairies" and they have told him that Zelena is just too powerful. Snow White laments that it's "happening again", that an evil sorceress is threatening the future of her child. Regina points out that Snow White and Prince Charming had a "headstart" to defeating her last time, and asks how. The couple explain that they were warned by Rumplestiltskin, and Regina suggests that he may be able to help again. Catching on, Grumpy points out that breaking into the Dark castle, where Rumplestiltskin is being held by Zelena, is a bad idea. Regina points out that Belle was once a prisoner there, but Belle refutes her, saying she has no idea how to break in. Robin interjects that he has broken into the castle before. Regina laughs, pointing out that Robin is a thief, and not to be trusted. The two argue briefly, and Snow White interrupts, saying that Robin is coming with the group.

In present-day Storybrooke, Regina Mills and Robin Hood share a kiss in the back hallway of Granny's Diner. Regina asks Robin what he sees in her, and he replies "a second chance", the same thing he hopes she sees in him. He also comments that she is quite a good kisser, before Regina states that he should wait until she has her heart back. They discuss what it is like for Regina to not have a heart and Robin says they can use his for the both of them. Henry Mills accidentally interrupts their liaison and calls Regina "Madam Mayor" rather than "Mom" causing Regina to falter and state she is not alright. Robin kisses her again and wishes her luck before she leaves to meet the others.

Regina enters a room with Mary Margaret Blanchard, David Nolan and Emma Swan. Mary Margaret comments that Regina looks smitten, Regina retaliates that Mary Margaret looks smitten with Haagen Daaz due to pregnancy. They go to start the meeting without waiting for Hook to arrive as they agree that they do not have time to wait. Emma wonders why Regina is part of Zelena's plan. Regina states she is the whole point of the plan; so Zelena can have the life Regina had. Emma wonders again why Zelena bought them all back to Storybrooke to do that. They wonder whether there is something in Storybrooke that makes Zelena's plan all the more possible. The group discuss how Zelena was able to cast the curse to begin with as Zelena would have to give up what she loves most and Regina ponders on the fact that Zelena does not love much. David questions whether their counterparts had figured out Zelena's plan and whether Zelena had moved them to Storybrooke and wiped their memories in an attempt to stop them. Mary Margaret says that with their memories back they may be able to figure out how to stop Zelena and break the curse. Mary Margaret comments they should be thankful to have the Saviour. Emma replies that she would love to break the curse like she did last time but all she had to do last time was believe and kiss Henry; she has done both after the second curse and not broken it. Regina realizes that it is Henry who has to believe, not Emma. Emma wonders how they can make Henry believe and Emma and Regina realises it is Henry's Storybrook that started Henry to believe. Emma says that remembering may not be the best thing as Henry has been through a lot. However, they agree as a group to find the book as it is the best way to foil Zelena.

The scene changes to a car pulling up on a road next to Zelena holding a rose. Mr. Gold gets out of this car and comments on Zelena's lovely rose. She asks whether Mr. Gold has earned it. Mr Gold opens the boot of the car to reveal a tied up Captain Hook and Zelena comments he has earned it. Hook comments why he has been tied up as they have telephones in Storybrooke. Zelena strokes Hooks lips with the rose and comments on how pretty and wasted Captain Hooks lips are and asks why he has not used these lips to kiss Emma. Hook jokes that he prefers to be courted. Zelena interjects angrily that it is not a joke and she needs Emmas magic moved. She threatens Hook and says that if he does not kiss Emma before Mary Margaret has her baby, she will have to start killing people Emma loves, starting with Henry. She demands Captain Hook takes away Emmas magic before the next rose she has will be put on Henry's grave before closing the boot on him.

Back in The Enchanted Forest The Evil Queen, Snow White, Prince Charming, Belle and Robin Hood are approaching the door to The Dark Castle. The Evil Queen goes to open a door against Robin Hoods advice before she is stopped by Robin shooting an arrow at the door, to reveal the door is a magical trap. The Evil Queen states Robin could have shot her head whereas Robin comments he was saving the door did not take off her arm. They exchange insults and Snow White interjects to stop their fighting.

They all enter the dining room of the castle where they find Rumplestiltskin locked in a cage spinning his wheel, saying to himself that "Rumble Bumple isn't here, Rumple Bumple gone my dear." The Evil Queen disbelievingly says that he really is back from the Dead. Rumplestiltskin says lines of rhyme, "Dead, dead, so much better, dead." Charming comments that Rumplestiltskin has lost his mind and Rumplestiltskin angrily protests that he has not lost his mind, but has two minds. Belle wonders aloud what Zelena is doing to him to cause this. Snow White assures her that it is nothing they can't do undo before she asks Rumplestiltskin how they can defeat Zelena. He replies in non-sensical rhymes so Belle tries asking him by speaking to the Rumplestiltskin she knows and loves. He states it is light magic from the Good Witch of the South otherwise known as Glinda that can provide the method to defeat Zelena. He then states Glinda was banished to the north of the Dark Forest by Zelena. Snow White enquires how they can find her in the Dark Forest. He responds in rhyme, "through the door, step inside, if pure of heart, then she won't hide" before giggling to himself.

Back in Storybrooke, David comments that Mr. Gold's shop was a dead end in finding Henry's Storybook as Belle has just told him it is not in the shop. Mary Margaret asks Regina if the book was in Henry's bedroom which Regina confirms it was not as she has searched it and it must have been swept away by the last curse. David comments that a book can not just disappear before Mary Margaret says that a book can just appear as it did in her closet after the first curse when she needed it, or more accurately when Henry needed it, and he felt like he didn't have a real family, although this comment upsets Regina. Mary Margaret stated that the book made Henry believe in happy endings. Regina agrees that Henry needs to believe again and that everyone needs to believe again. They agree to look in Mary Margarets closet again.

The scene changes to Emma entering Granny's Diner to tell Henry she is off searching a lead and will call him later, kisses him on the head and leaves. When she exits, Henry follows her questioning what lead she is after and whether it is anything to do with who killed his father. He demands to know everything as he feels she has been lying since they both arrived in Storybrooke. Emma says he does not deserve to know everything as she is his mother and knows best. He seems to give up except he asks for Emmas keys and states if he is to be held prisoner he would like her keys so he can at least access his GameBoy. She gives him the keys while he glares at her back as she walks away.

We see Henry go through the back of Granny's Diner to find Emma's Car. He tries to open Emma's car with her keys. Captain Hook catches Henry doing this and questions him as to where he is going and says he is in a rush considering Henry says he's going no where. Henry states he is going home and Hook says he is running away. Henry states he wants to drive to the nearest bus station, Hook says this is too dangerous and Henry says he does not care what Hook thinks. He attempts to get in the car again until Hook says he has a better way for Henry to return home.

We see Regina, Emma, David and Mary Margaret search through Mary Margaret's closet where they find lots of clothes and shoes. Mary Margaret locates the Storybook in a place where Emma has just searched and not found it. Regina says if they can locate a chapter on Oz in the book, they can find out who or what Zelena loved, whose heart she had to crush to create the curse and then they will know how to defeat her. David and Regina exit the room to look through the book. Mary Margaret questions how Emma did not see the book which Emma insists she did not see. Mary Margaret asks if Emma is okay as she appears anxious and asks why Emma yelled at Henry. Emma states she had forgotten what Storybrooke was like with its wicked witches, time travelling and Holy Wars and does not want this life for Henry. Mary Margaret questions whether that means taking him back to New York once Zelena has been defeated which Emma says is what she means. Mary Margaret states that Emma does not want Henry to get his memories back. Emma denies this saying that Henry getting his memories back is the only way to break the curse so knows it must be done, but does not want this being harder than necessary on Henry as their life in New York was really good. Mary Margaret reminds her that New York isn't home, Emma says it was for them and Mary Margaret says it was only home because Emma had forgotten about them. Mary Margaret gets up and says they need to get Henry.

Back in the Dark Forest, Prince Charming gives Snow White a snowbell for good luck while The Evil Queen looks on disdainfully. The Evil Queen reminds Prince Charming and Snow White they are searching for the one person who can stop imminent doom and save their unborn child and they should not be stopping to smell the roses as a babbling mad man sent them on a wild goose chase as it is. It is at that moment they locate a door that leads to no where. Snow White repeats Rumplestiltskins riddle before going through the door and seemingly disappearing. Prince Charming follows her. The Evil Queen states that it is a cheap cloaking spell and attempts to follow them both but the door does not let her.

Snow White and Prince Charming meet The Good Witch of the South, Glinda. They enquire why The Evil Queen could not get through and Glinda tells them that The Evil Queen has a heart heavy with vengeance and does not have a good heart which is required to get through the door. Glinda states that she knows who Snow White is, has heard many tales of her bravery and has her own pure heart and knows her baby has a pure heart. Prince Charming says they have been told that Glinda's light magic will help defeat The Wicked Witch and they have come to ask for her help. Glinda states that her magic has never been powerful enough to defeat Zelena. She says she has known Zelena a long time and they used to be friends when things were different. Glinda says that Zelena gave into her dark magic and Glinda tried to stop her and failed. She does say there is a way of stopping her as Zelena has a pendant where all her magic remains and if removed, this will weaken her enough to defeat her. She also says that it is only her with the purest white magic who can defeat Zelena. Snow White realises that Emma is the one to do this as she is the product of true love and the Saviour. Glinda agrees it is she and only she who can defeat Zelena. Charming states Emma is not in this land and Glinda informs them that without Emma, the quest is futile. Snow White says there may be a way to get to Emma and Charming realises what she means - The Dark Curse

Snow White and Prince Charming travel back to The Evil Queen where they have told her about this. The Evil Queen says in disbelief that even if she believed Glinda, which she does not, she cannot perform another curse to take them back to Storybrooke without harming Henry as she has to hurt the person she loves the most. Snow White says there must be another way to enact the curse and The Evil Queen says if there was she would never have murdered her father. Charming enquires as to alternative portals like magic beans or Jefferson's Hat. The Evil Queen reminds him that the curse to remove them from Storybrooke following Peter Pan's curse placed a divide between the two realms which meant all the portals do not exist to those who the curse brought back. The Evil Queen adamantly states she cannot cast the spell. Charming says that Snow White can but Snow White says that would mean killing Charming and she cannot as both her and her unborn baby need him. Snow White states they will find another way as they always find another way.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina, Mary Margaret and David are sat in Granny's Diner when Emma walks in and informs them she cannot find Henry and he still has her keys. She informs them she has located Henry using the GPS on his phone and he is at Storybrooke docks.

At the Docks, Henry is with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Captain Hook tells Henry that Mr. Smee is taking a boat to New York and will be happy with Henry's company. Henry asks Hook why he is helping Henry. Before Hook can answer, a flying monkey appears and the three of them run into the Boathouse to escape him. Hook tells Smee to take the boy and find a boat while he deals with the monkeys. Hook shoots his gun at the monkeys and just as his gun runs out of ammunition, Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret and David appear to help him defeat the monkeys. With the monkeys gone, Henry seems more confused than ever. He asks about the monkeys, why David has a sword and what is going on. Emma tells Henry he deserves to know the truth, apologizes for keeping stuff from him and hands him the storybook. He enquires why he needs to know about fairy tales before Emma asks him if he trusts her. He states he does. Emma asks him to believe, he asks believe in what and she says believe in magic. He says, "from a book?" and she says, "It is more than a book. Do you believe in me?" He says, "Yes." She says, "Take it." which he does. Once he reaches for the book, his memories come flooding back. He remembers that both Emma and Regina are his mothers and says repeatedly, "I remember" as he remembers everybody and everything about his life before the most recent curse. Regina tells Henry he needs to help Emma break the curse but before Emma can kiss him, Zelena comes into the Boathouse suddenly and with magic grabs Henry and tells him he can call her Auntie Zelena. Regina tries to get him back but Zelena knocks her unconscious to the ground. Emma asks Henry to let him go as he has nothing to do with this. Zelena tells them that Hook failed her and he knew the price of doing so. Zelena starts to strangle Henry and Emma with her light magic hurts Zelena enough to make her let go of Henry. Zelena tells them to enjoy this moment as they don't have many left before disappearing. Emma asks Henry if she is okay. They attempt to awaken Regina.

Back in The Enchanted Forest, they are making the potion required for the curse. Snow White says that she can't do this and The Evil Queen and Prince Charming remind her that she can. Snow White says that her child will never know their father if she does this and crushes his heart. David says her baby will always know their father through their mother and the love he has for her in life and death. They tell each other they love each other in life and death, embrace and kiss, and start to tear up. They break apart and Charming tells Regina to remove his heart. She reminds him that it will hurt but it will work before removing his heart. Snow White tells him again she loves him more than anything and Charming reminds her that is why she has to crush it. She holds his heart over the potion and crushes his heart. Charming falls to the floor and dies. The Evil Queen reminds her that his death will not be in vain and they will get back to Storybrooke and defeat Zelena.

However, at that moment, Zelena flies in on her broomstick performing magic on the potion and says, "Did you really think you could enact Rumples dark curse and I wouldn't know about it?". The Queen says she knew Zelena would find out but didn't care as Zelena is too late. Zelena says she is not too late and that the sacrifice of Charming was for nothing. Snow White worries Charming has died in vain but The Queen insists Zelena is bluffing as once the curse is enacted it can't be stopped. Zelena agrees with the Queen but says that instead of stopping the curse, she can spice it up a bit. Zelena then adds a forgetting a potion to the curse to ensure that they will not have their memories in Storybrooke of the last year and everything they had discovered about Zelena to this point. Snow White insists they will find a way but Zelena taunts her saying that they will be too busy looking for Charming as they will not be aware of his sacrifice and wondering where he is. Zelena then looks at The Queen and says, "Pay attention Sis, this is how you take away a happy ending" before riding off on her broomstick.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry continues to try and wake Regina which he succeeds in doing. They embrace and Regina says that she will never let him go away again and that she loves him. It is Regina's kiss of Henry that then breaks the curse as their memories come back and they remember the missing year. Emma asks them how Zelena cast the curse and Mary Margaret says Zelena did not cast it, but they did. Mary Margaret explains that they did this as Zelena's weakness is light magic and Emma is the only one who can defeat her which is why they paid the price of the curse. Emma wonders how they paid the price of the curse as they are both still here which makes no sense considering the curse requires the heart of the one you love the most.

Back in The Enchanted Forest, Snow White has a realisation and begs the Queen to take her heart as her and David have had the same heart since he woke her from her sleeping curse. She asks Regina to split her heart in half as that will mean they can both survive. The Queen tries to talk her down as she says that taking the heart and splitting it in two is not like plucking a flower. However, Snow White insists that due to faith and belief she knows it will work as she believes her heart is strong enough for both her and Charming. Snow White begs The Queen to do this and she then agrees. The Queen takes Snow White's heart, splits it in two, and places half of the heart in each of their chests. Snow White waits for Charming to awaken which he does with a deep intake of breath and asking Snow White what is happening. They then kiss and then curse brews over them all.

Back in Storybrooke Docks, Henry is telling Regina about how much he loved New York including the pizza, the Yankees and his school and an apple tree he liked in Central Park. Henry asks what he missed in Storybrooke and Regina replies he has missed nothing much. He takes the opportunity to enquire about the man Regina was kissing earlier that day. Regina tries to change the conversation back to Henry but fails. She tells him that his name is Robin Hood and that they have just started seeing each other. Robin enters the Docks at this point. Robin and Regina agree that the curse is broken. Robin remembers how during the missing year, his relationship with Regina was a lot more rocky and Regina agrees he is more likeable in present-day Storybrooke than then for some reason before they all walk out of the Docks together.

Also in the Docks, Emma questions Captain Hook as to what Zelena was talking about and whether he was working for her. Hook tries to explain that Zelena had him backed into a corner and he tried everything to resist her plans. Emma asks whose idea it was to kidnap Henry and put him on a boat and Hook says it was his idea as he was trying to save him. Emma asks Hook what he is trying to save Henry from and what Zelena is doing. Hook explains that Zelena cursed his lips to try and get him to steal Emma's magic for her. He confirms that Zelena knows that Emma can defeat her. Emma insists it should have been her decision to protect Henry, not Hooks, and that she cannot trust him whether his hand was forced or not. David agrees with Emma and insists Hook has lied about more than just this. Mary Margaret says that he told them that he bought Emma to Storybrooke as he received a message from Mary Margaret and David with memory potion to get Emma to come back and remember and they know this did not happen. Hook insists he still received that message and the memory potion and that is the truth. He asks who else would do that.

Back in The Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin watches Zelena make a potion and says he has tasted that brew before. Zelena tells him they are about to take an unplanned trip as the Curse is coming. Rumplestiltskin tells her that she has failed. Zelena tells him to stop being dour as she will succeed in changing the past and can do that from any land and her spell will work. Rumplestiltskin reminds her that that is the case only as long as she remembers the spell. Zelena assures him she will remember as it is a memory potion she has just brewed and this will keep her recollections safe. She takes a drink from it before giving the rest to Rumplestiltskin saying he is welcome to drink it or dump it as his brains are still hers regardless of what he can remember. He tells himself that memories are pain and pain is strength for vengeance. Neal then pops out of Rumplestiltskins body and says they do not need to remember and Emma does. Neal gives a bird at the window the memory potion vial and a handwritten message and instructs the bird to find Killian Jones of the Jolly Roger and to go. The bird flys away with it.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry and Emma are at Neals grave while Mary Margaret and David watch them. Henry says that Neal was a hero and Emma agrees saying that Neal did not give a second thought before sacrificing himself for Henry and everyone else. Henry places a rose on the grave and asks Emma whether it was hard coming back to Storybrooke when it was dangerous and their life in New York was pretty good. Emma said that their life in New York was more than good but she could not shake Henrys voice in her head and how he would have voted on this had he known. Henry agrees and states that Operation Cobra is back on and Emma says that Operation Cobra never ended. Mary Margaret lets out a loud sound and Henry and Emma run over to her. She tells them that the baby is coming.




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  • The title card features a flying monkey.[3]
  • The title of this episode was announced by Adam Horowitz via his Twitter account on February 12, 2014.[4]
  • The episode's title is an homage to the Huey Lewis song "The Power of Love" from the movie Back to the Future,[5] which opens with the lyrics "The power of love. It's a curious thing."
    • Interestingly, time travel is also main plot focal point for the movie Back to the Future. The movie is mentioned in "Snow Drifts", where a time travelling takes place. In addition, there are several similarities between Back to the Future and this episode.

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  • In the openng scene, Belle refers to the Wicked Witch as Zelena, though she never mentioned her birth name during their interaction in "Quiet Minds".

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