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SCENE: Storybrooke. Present. In the Storybrooke Graveyard at night. The Evil Queen is walking with Zelena.

Zelena: I agreed to a drink, not a private graveyard tour. Where are we going?
Evil Queen: You'll see. (The two approach the Mills Mausoleum)
Zelena: No. No way. I can't let you in there.
Evil Queen: If Regina didn't want me helping myself to a few ingredients, she wouldn't have sealed the vault with blood magic. (As the Evil Queen approaches the mausoleum, the doors magically open and the Protection Spell Regina has placed on it is broken. The Evil Queen and Zelena enter.)
Zelena: And how do you know I won't tell her about this little field trip?
Evil Queen: (chuckles) Because you already would have. (The Queen begins gathering several potions from the shelves of the mausoleum.)
Zelena: Why do you need all that magic?
Evil Queen: Because I already used everything The Dragon had in his shop to get to this pitiful little town.
Zelena: And what became of him?
Evil Queen: Let's just say he should have known better than to get in my way. (Chuckles).
Zelena: Sound advice for us all, no?
Evil Queen: You're worried I'm going to hurt my better half, aren't you?
Zelena: It remains to be seen which half is better.
Evil Queen: Relax. I'm just going to use this to teach Regina a lesson—that she can never escape who she really is.
Zelena: And what do I get out of it?
Evil Queen: A sister who appreciates all of your delightfully malevolent qualities. A sister like you. (The Evil Queen disappears in a cloud of purple smoke).""

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