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This is my story, and it's your story.
August to Emma src

"7 Year Old Boy Finds Baby on Side of Road" is a newspaper article featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the ninth episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

After Pinocchio and Emma are sent to the Land Without Magic via a magic wardrobe, the two of them come out of a tree in the woods. Pinocchio brings the infant Emma to Chantey's Lobster House to seek help. To protect Emma, he lies to the police about where he found Emma and tells them that he found her by the highway. ("The Stranger")

Shortly after this, a local newspaper runs a story about baby Emma and how she was found on a roadside by Chantey's Lobster House. Years later, Emma keeps a copy of the article in her file, while Pinocchio and the Snow Queen, who are both keeping an eye on her, also keep a clipping of the article. "True North", "The Stranger", "Family Business", "Firebird")

During First Curse

During 2009, Emma drives the yellow bug back to Chantey's Lobster House, where she was found as an infant twenty-six years ago. She proceeds to show the old newspaper clipping to a shop keeper, asking if there is anyone working there who might remember information about the baby that was brought in. However, the woman behind the counter says that 26 years is too long, as they can't even keep a cook for six weeks. Emma asks if a long-time customer might remember something, but the woman explains that they don't have that kind of loyalty and that she won't find anyone there who remembers this. A disappointed Emma takes her food and walks away, saddened, to the sitting area, where she finds a seat and looks at the article. A woman named Cleo Fox sits down with Emma and strikes up a conversation, correctly guessing that Emma is the baby that was abandoned. Later, Emma discovers that the Hancock County Courthouse has a file on her and goes there with Cleo to read it for herself. However, the file turns up with barely anything; it only contains a copy of the same article and a single piece of paper. When Emma has a meltdown, Cleo suggests she give up on finding her birth parents, pay for her crimes, and then start a new life, causing Emma to react in anger. ("Firebird")

In 2011, Emma goes to retrieve a file from a box of belongings in Mary Margaret's apartment. Informing her roommate that she needs to go outside to get some air and think, she brings the file with her outside. She goes through the file as she sits in her sheriff's car, looking at information on herself including the old newspaper clipping. Her son Henry suddenly appears outside the car and asks what that is, but she tells him that it's just an old file. ("True North")

Pinocchio, who now goes by the name of August, brings Emma to Chantey's Lobster House, where he shows Emma the newspaper article and states that the diner is the place she was brought to when she was found as a baby. Emma is not impressed and believes he just found an article about her, but August reveals that this is their story and that he was the seven-year-old boy who found her. He then brings her into the woods and says that this is where he found her when she was a baby. Emma doesn't believe him, because she was found on the side of the highway. However, August points out that Emma only believes that because the article says so, and admits that he lied about where he found her. To prove that he is who he says he is, he tells her something that wasn't in the article: when he found Emma, she was wrapped in a blanket with the name "Emma" embroidered along the bottom of it. Emma reluctantly believes him, but gets more and more frustrated when his claims about her being a savior of a curse are too outlandish for her to buy and she leaves him in the woods. ("The Stranger")

After Second Curse
In an investigation to discover what the Snow Queen is doing in Storybrooke, Emma and her boyfriend Hook enter her abandoned ice cream van and find a freezer, which Hook breaks open with his hook. Within it, Emma uncovers the old newspaper clipping detailing how she was found by Pinocchio as an infant; proving the Snow Queen has been watching Emma since she arrived in this world. ("Family Business")


On-Screen Notes

Baby found by Chantey's Lobster House.
A local boy discovers a newborn wrapped in a blanket on
a roadside. Police ask public for any information
regarding parents' identity.
Yesterday afternoon, a young boy
found a newborn infant by the side of
the interstate highway when taking a
shortcut home from school.
The boy, whose identity is not being
released, first thought that the baby
girl was a plastic toy, but upon
further examination he realized it
[illegible word] fact a child. "I didn't
hear any crying so I thought it was
[three illegible words] kid," he said,
"but when I got closer I saw its hand
[illegible word] I [illegible word] home and called
the [illegible word]".
[two illegible words] that the baby was
wrapped in a blanket with the name
"Emma" embroidered into it. The
[three illegible words] immediately to the
[three illegible words] inspection and
[two illegible words] appears to be
[illegible word].
[three illegible words] being referred to as
[two illegible words]" was but hours old
[five illegible words] any of
the local hospitals and it did appear
that the birth took place at the scene.
Authorities also are looking into early
departures of pregnant patients from
area hospitals but none have been
reported at this time.
A search is underway for the child's
parents and the sheriff's department is
asking for the public's help in identify-
ing her. Anyone with information
regarding the identity of either [obscured]
mother or the father of Baby [obscured]
should contact the police inf[obscured]
The mother will not n[obscured]
charged if she is loca[obscured]
Sheriff's department. [obscured]
would like to make [obscured]
talk to her about th[obscured]
birth. The immedi[obscured]
insight into the ch[obscured]
Baby Emma is e[obscured]
Of the local sheriff's [obscured]
being looked after at [obscured]
more information co[illegible] [obscured]
  • The name of the news reporter is "M. Soparlo", a reference to Mark Soparlo, a member of the production staff on the show.


  • To prove to Emma that he is who he says he is, August tells her something that wasn't in the article: when he found Emma, she was wrapped in a blanket with the name "Emma" embroidered along the bottom of it. However, when the newspaper article is seen up close in "Firebird", it does contain this info; it states that "the baby was wrapped in a blanket with the name "Emma" embroidered into it".[1] ("The Stranger")



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