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19th Century France[1] is a location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the second episode of the sixth season.

19th Century France is based on France from the novel The Count of Monte Cristo.


Before First Curse

Not much is known about this location, other than Edmond Dantès lost everything after Baron Danglars and some unnamed accomplices burnt down his house, squandered his money, murdered his fiancée, and imprisoned him in a dungeon. At some point following this, he escapes and swears to get revenge on those who wronged him. ("A Bitter Draught")

More than a decade later, Edmond has risen in ranking, power, and riches, by reinventing himself as the Count of Monte Cristo. He holds a ball at his home, with one of the guests being Baron Danglars, who is clueless about the Count's real identity until he reveals himself to him. Edmond then pulls out his sword and points it at the Baron's throat as he demands to know who else was involved in bringing him down. When the Baron refuses to say and instead suggests Edmond won't get any justice out of killing him, the latter plunges the sword into him, hissing that revenge has always been what he wanted. After all the guests have fled, only the Evil Queen remains, offering a scroll to Edmond, which lists the names of the others who were working with the Baron. She agrees to give it to him if he pretends to gain the trust of her enemies, Prince Charming and Snow White, and then kill them. Edmond consents to the deal and goes on to begin his mission. ("A Bitter Draught")


On-Screen Notes

  • It is unknown if 19th Century France is a Fairy Tale Land realm or a world of its own.

Production Notes

Set Dressing



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