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4 18 As a young girl, Cruella De Vil murders her father with poisonous flowers. One day, she attempts to flee, but her mother Madeline's trained dalmatians stop her, and from then on, she is locked in the attic.
A gap in the timeline of several years, in which Cruella grown into an adult.
4 18 Cruella meets the Author, Isaac, who helps her escape the attic. Isaac is smitten with her, and uses his Enchanted Quill to give her the power to control animals. Curella then proceeds to steals his quill, before using her new powers to her mother's dogs to kill Madeline. Realizing that Cruella used him, Isaac grabs the quill and fights with Cruella for the ink pot before Cruella accidentally spills it on herself, turning her hair black and white and changing her appearance. As she prepares to fire her gun at him, Issac cancels it out by writing that she can never kill another person again.
Gap of time in which Cruella travels to the Enchanted Forest.

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